hoi allemaal fijn dat je kijkje komt nemen bij me , ..... hello every one great you are visiting my blog

zaterdag 12 januari 2019

hello dear scrapbookfans

happy new year everybody, hope ypu all have a great 2019 and all in good health

it has been a while since I have posted new message šŸ˜but be patience....

Its one of the things I promised myselve for the new year to place more of my creations and tell everybody about it 

hope to see you all soon and hey its always nice to have reactions on my creations but the ones with advertising and no nonsens talk are going to be deleted

have a great day you all 

maandag 23 april 2018

steampunk debutante graphic45

hello everyone,

 I would love to show you all my latest album with my favorite paper ... Graphic 45
this time I used the steampunk debutante line and its soooooooo gorgeous.....
wished I could afford to buy all lines but thats not possible for me so have to deal with what I have here  in my stash and to be honest its shrinking... my paperlines .....

I am a huges fan of steampunk.. the fairytales ...elves... fairys,,, magigian...trolls....romance etc etc.... and love to watch movies with it as well hahaha
hope you like my book.... subscribers to my chanel on you tube are more than welcome 
have  great day you all ... it promises to be great weather next week so I am going to enjoy that if possible

greetings Marijke

hallo allemaal
alweer een nieuw boek klaar dit keer met de papier lijn steampunk debutante van graphic45
en is hij mooi die lijn? ik ben er groot fan van van grapic45 de sprookjes de elfjes  de magie  de romantiek ... het straalt er gewoon van af
hoop dat jullie hem leuk vinden ga eens kijken op mijn filmpje hier hoe het boek er uit ziet ben erg benieuwd wat jullie er van vinden en geef me gerust een like  of abonneer je op mijn you tube kanaal

ga nu genieten van het mooie weer en wens jullie allemaal een hele fijne dag toe
groetjes Marijke

zaterdag 17 maart 2018

leftover graphic45 album

hello everyone 

in a cold Holland today , yes its snowing again and its march 17th....brrrrrr.... ... another new project of me

this time I have used a lot of leftovers from several paperlines of graphic45 , I am not a person that throws away the tiny leftovers that would be a waist and I believe there are many more in scrappersland like me

I have made a film of it but beware I am a newbie on video editing so , sorry if its not looking professionall but very amaturistic, you can find my film down here

greetings and have a nice day , Marijke

p.s. I get a lot of anonimes reactions I can't answer to or place them  ..... so please explain if you are sinsere or just for commercial many are in spanish  some in english

hoi allemaal 

wat is het koud he 17 maart en het sneeuwt , maar mag de pret niet drukken hier weer een nieuw album van mij om in te kijken

ik heb hier allemaal restjes van graphic 45 gebruikt en geloof me ik heb er nog veel meer allemaal overgebleven van andere projecten en ook het nodige gekregen 

mijn filmpje is best amateuristisch vind ik zelf ik zou graag eens iemand vinden die me 1 0- 1 kan helpen met avs editing , mijn filmpje zie je hier onder

hoop dat jullie het weer leuk project vinden 
groetjes en een fijne dag verder


dinsdag 6 maart 2018

baby album Bella

hellooooo everyone...

in the beginning of Februari gorgeous baby Bella was born 

I have made this album for the parents and the lay-outs for the grand parents

I have used the paperline of Nitwitts its a paperline you need to print out yourself and that works very well I can tell you

in the film down below I have placed all the links to the stores 
hope you like it , love to see some commnets of you and would be pleased if you  subscribe to my YouTube chanel and give it a like as well

have a nice day you all 


woensdag 28 februari 2018

steampunk album TIME

hello everyone

today its februari 28th and finally I have the time to work in my blog , I was sooooo far behind so there are several albums posted on this date but have been made a few months ago 
my health didn't do what I wanted but I am feeling so much better now

as you can see I have made from several company's albums with self printed scrappapers , there are so many of them to find on internet 
this one is a paperline by a whimsical adventure
I will place the text here that I have written in my YouTube chanel

finally another album from me again.

I got a request if I would like to make an album with the digital paperlines of Anja the Dobbelaere who has a store on Etsy.

I have made this album with her paperline and its all about time and clocks because I love mixed media and steampunk.
I thought lets do that on the front of the book , to be honest its my first time I have used it on an album , have been doing other projects with mixed media but not on an album and it most surtenly won't be the last, its such great fun to do hope you like it .

Always nice to get a message down below , and most deffinatly would like to get more subscribers  on you tube...

hope you all have a wonderfull day
greetings Marijke

hello evryone

I made another book, this time its a christmas album I used the printable paper of vectoria design.
you can bye these in her etsy store , I will place the links to her down below.

I wanted to make a diagonal album , it gave me a bit of a struggle but it worked out fine I think .
had to place a bronze closing pin because the magnet wasn´t strong enough I found out, I have bought that one in the Ali express store just as the bookbindings linnen in snake print.

hope you like my abum , I am sorry my voice wasn´t that good had the flue the week before  and still was not 100% ok but wanted to show it to you so I can send it on the mail in time for Christmas .
wish you all mary christmas and a very good and healty and scrapping 2018

( the text I copy from my you tube chanel today ... so you understand it was an old post because we are now on feb 28th .... as I said in the album down under here I was very far behind with my blog so there will be 3 or 4 new/old ones )

https://www.crealies.nl/ https://www.crealies.nl/detail/152227... https://www.crealies.nl/detail/198035...

a proper gentlemen Graphic 45

hello everyone

just wanted a challenge because I normally use the romantic vintage girly paperlines but this was a mens paperline.

in this book I used the newest edgie dies of Crealies that will be in her store at october 31 and they are GREAT to work with I can tell you, just love love love her dies,.

down below I will place the links to her store with the ones I have been using in this book .

sorry for my english its always difficult I am always stuttering trying to find the right words for it hahaha.
this film was take 8, I think, did it over and over again but it is what it is hope you like what you see , feel free to tell me here in a comment down below and would love to see more subscribers on my chanel

have a nice day you all 


baby Saar

hello everyone
today I will post a few YouTube films , I was so far behind with my blog because of some health problems ( I am doing much better now ... gladly....)

I would like to show you all what great fun it is to work with self printed paper from the Etsy store.

yes its very good to work with this album is for a lady who gave birth a while ago to a gorgeous little girl named Saar.

there are no photos in it in this film because of her privacy (now its finished there are some pics in it) the dies I used fot this book are unfortunatly no longer available in the webstore of crealies but there are so many great dies in her webstore just pay her a visit https://www.crealies.nl/

I am still struggling with the video editor, so bad that you tube has stopped it , the new one I have right now is so difficult for me so my appologies for the bad look of the film hope you like what you see in the film

have a very nice day 

dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

a ladies diary by graphic 45

hello everyone

video number two on this october 3d ( watch my other video of today in the message down under here as well if you like)

this is an album box made with the paper line of graphic 45 a ladies diary

in here I also used the newest edge dies of crealies wich are new in her store  from october 3d 2017

love to hear from you what you all think of it , feel free to visit my YouTube chanel:

Marijke van der heiden-engering and join in as a subscriber

have a nice day you all

halloween with vectoriadesign

hello every one 

this is a Halloween album with self printed scrap-paper, everybody says oh I only want the bought  ones in the store that looks so much better well let me prove you the other way

de edge dies I used are drom 

all new ones that  are available from october3d 

vrijdag 29 september 2017

wedding album

hello everyone

I was asked to make a wedding album for another scrap-friend, her friends had their wedding and she wanted to give this as a gift, and that was a real honor because she her self makes such wonderfull books as well and now she wanted ME to make one for her :0)

the color needed to be in orange and jeans color ( so blue colors) and also needed lots of places for many many photo's

it was just great fun although I had my doubts about it orange isn't my color but wow it turned out real good as I may say myself

the paper I used is a mix of K&C and some loose papers she gave me

you don't hear my voice in it because had some problems with it after a stroke but I am fine now but my videos will be explained in english from now on , just found out lately how everything worked for that yesssssss

hope to see you all back again , have a nice day and till next time


maandag 17 juli 2017

baby boy

3 baby boeken te maken 1 jongen 1 meisje en van de derde hoor ik volgende maand het geslacht, dat is zo dankbaar en leuk om te doen  1 van de boeken gaat richting TsjechiĆ«
de papier lijnen koop ik  soms via Etsy  en daar is niets mis mee mits je het op goed foto papier of  clairfontaine 210 grams afprint
deze lijn papier is van 
and also a bit background paper from 

I have 3 babybooks to make 1 for a boy and one for a girl and number 3 I don't know the gender yet , that will be told next month
one of the  books will be send to TsjechiĆ« ....
the paper line I used fot this book I have bought in Etsy  ( see the links above)

woensdag 19 april 2017

photo folio

 en zo blijf ik maar doorgaan met scrappen, dit keer heb ik een photo folio gemaakt naar een voorbeeld van Scrapqueen , te vinden op YouTube https://youtu.be/4avj0d6yPG4
hij is heel snel en makkelijk te maken en zullen er vast nog meer volgen in verschillende maten en bewerkingen , ook leuk om als kado te maken

and again I finished a project, this time a photo folio , inspired by scrapqueen on you tube https://youtu.be/4avj0d6yPG4  ...... 
its very easy to make and fast too , so nice for a gift

maandag 17 april 2017


zoals beloofd in het bericht eerder hier in de blog plaats ik dus ook deze lay-out vandaag
Haar mama zei nee en daar was Elise, twee en half jaar toen, het totaal niet meer eens , gelukkig heeft mama er een foto van gemaakt , het is een ander soort forto dan je normaal zou doen op een lay-out dat zijn meestal lieve foto's maar ik kon het niet laten om hier iets mee te doen... hoop dat jullie hem leuk vinden

as promised in the message down here in the blog I also placed this LO today...
Her mama said NO and Elise didn't agree with that.... at that time her age was 2 1/2 years old....lucky her mama made a photo of that with her Phone ... its a different kind of photo I normaly use on a lay-out  ...normaly it are sweet photo's but I couldn't resist to make this lay-out with it... hope you all like it

Alice in Wonderland Graphic 45 and Vectoriadesign


en hier hebben we Alice in wonderland met het prachtige papier van Graphic 45 en gemixt met papier van Vectoriadesign die ook prachtig papier heeft van Alice in wonderland, die moet je wel zelf uitprinten maar dat gaat perfect ... ga daar gerust eens kijkje nemen via Etsy.... dat combineerde zo goed dus was heerlijk om mee te werken.
het boek heeft een hidden hinge plus zodat de bladzijden plat kunnen liggen.
het zijn heel veel foto's niet allemaal helemaal scherp maar okay hoop dat jullie wel idee krijgen hoe het boek eruit ziet . bedankt voor het kijken en tot zo meteen dan plaats ik gelijk een layout er achteraan

and here we have a book of Alice in wonderland I used the gorgeous paperline of Graphic 45  mixed with Vectoriadesign who also has a line of Alice in wonderland... you need to print out yourself but that works very good for me ... you can find her in Etsy ...
there are lots pf photo's not every photo is sharp but hope you can see what the book looks like .... thanks for watching and I will place a layout as wel today here in my blog that I have made this week