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vrijdag 29 september 2017

wedding album

hello everyone

I was asked to make a wedding album for another scrap-friend, her friends had their wedding and she wanted to give this as a gift, and that was a real honor because she her self makes such wonderfull books as well and now she wanted ME to make one for her :0)

the color needed to be in orange and jeans color ( so blue colors) and also needed lots of places for many many photo's

it was just great fun although I had my doubts about it orange isn't my color but wow it turned out real good as I may say myself

the paper I used is a mix of K&C and some loose papers she gave me

you don't hear my voice in it because had some problems with it after a stroke but I am fine now but my videos will be explained in english from now on , just found out lately how everything worked for that yesssssss

hope to see you all back again , have a nice day and till next time